Beauty advice column – The Cheltonian April 2015

In April’s issue of The Cheltonian Magazine, my beauty advice column is providing helpful tips and great product recommendations that can dramatically help to reduce puffy eyes.
In the article I recommend simple tips that can be used on a daily basis such as drinking plenty of water to keep the skin hydrated and using lymph massage to gently drain the lymph glands, as these can sometimes not drain correctly causing the puffiness. I also recommend trying to have as little salt and alcohol as possible in your diet as these can cause water retention  to the whole body.

I have also recommended some great products that can really help to reduce the puffiness, always go for products containing peptides, caffeine or Hyaluronic acid and always follow the instructions for each product correctly. The products I recommend are below.

Take a look at the digital magazine by clicking on the picture of my article.

Beauty advice column - The Cheltonian Magazine

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