Beauty advice column – The Cheltonian Magazine May 2015

My article in the May issue of The Cheltonian Magazine focused on a very common issue us ladies have, unsightly cellulite!
I have focused on the four main treatments proven to help reduce the appearance of cellulite, body brushing, exfoliation, skin masks and moisturising. Most people will only carry out these treatments on the run up to a holiday or special occasion, but if you would like your skin to stay youthful and plump, you must commit to doing these things on a regular basis, all year round.

You can also help to reduce cellulite by drinking plenty of water daily, eating alkaline forming foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables and of course keeping active by doing regular exercise to sweat out toxins and tighten the skin.

Take a look at the digital magazine by clicking on the picture of my article. The products I have recommended in my article are below, click on the photos to buy the products.


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